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      Financial Calculators
Mortgage Loan Calculator: The Home Mortgage Loan Calculator helps you analyze home mortgage loans. How much can you afford to borrow for how long at what interest rate? Click here for help.
Mortgage Loan Calculator

Biweekly Mortgage Calculator: The Biweekly Mortgage Calculator helps you analyze your mortgage needs. It computes the biweekly mortgage payment in comparison to the regular mortgage. Click here for help.
Biweekly Mortgage Calculator

Home Equity Calculator: The Home Equity Calculator helps you determine how much money you can borrow using the equity in your house as collateral. You can also compare a home equity loan against a home equity line of credit. Click here for help.
Home Equity Calculator

Down Payment Calculator: Should I pay more down? Calculator will help you compare the benefits of different down payment options. Click here for help.
Down Payment Calculator

Fixed Rate Vs. Adjustable: The Fixed vs. Adjustable calculator will help you determine whether you should choose an fixed rate loan or an adjustable rate loan. Click here for help.
Fixed Rate Vs. Adjustable

Affordability Calculator: The home affordability calculator helps you determine your maximum affordable home price based on monthly income, debts, interest rates and the length of your loan. Click here for help.
Affordability Calculator

Mortgage Points Calculator: The Points vs. No Points calculator will help you determine whether or not paying for points is the best option for you. Click here for help.
Mortgage Points Calculator

Refinance Calculator: The "Should I Refinance?" calculator will help you determine whether refinancing your loan for a lower interest rate is a wise decision for you. Click here for help.
Refinance Calculator

Rent Vs. Buy Calculator: This calculator allows you to estimate the costs of owning a home and the costs of renting and allows you to evaluate which option to take by comparing them. Click here for help.
Rent Vs. Buy Calculator